May 19 to May 26, 2013

Main Programs:

  • Herding training on two flocks of sheep.
  • Obedience training for herding dogs.
  • The sheperds' profession in the past and today; conversations with shepherds.
  • Visiting hidden beauty of Hungarian steppe in the preserve -not open to the general public.
  • Visiting one of the famous Hungarian studs at the village of Máta.
  • Excursion to fish ponds and on the river Horobágy with power boat.
  • Experience the region's local food and drink sepcialities

The accommodations for the camp are in Ökotúra Vendégház és Kemping hostel (Hortobágy, Borsósi út 12. in rooms with two and three beds, with showers. Dogs can stay in the rooms for extra charge. In the camping area there are spaces for recreational vehicles/trailers (RV’s) and for tents as well. During the camp, translators will assist with communication (English-German-Hungarian languages). Do not forget to bring your dog’s vaccination certification and pedigree; veterinary will be on duty all week. Many of the sites you will be visiting are open to groups only! Individual access is not permitted. Transportation for you and your dog to each of the locations is included in the total price.

Training sessions will be held every day of the camp, twice a day (2 x 3 hours) in four stations, in rotation. Two stations will be conducting herding training, one obedience training station and one folk handicraft instruction station (felting, wood carving, bulrush weaving, shepherd’s hat making, etc.). All the materials will be supplied and the articles you make can be taken home.

Courses and scientific lectures will be given by experts and folk artists. Between main programs there will be short excurtions to the steppes of Hortobágy

Daily programs (Tuesday-Friday):

06:30 Breakfast
07:00 Departure for the training site
10:00 Return to the hostel
10:30-12:30  Morning program
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Departure for the training site
20:00 Return to the hostel
20:30 Dinner
Talk through the night and watching old movies.

Monday, May 20

No trainig this morning!
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Lecture room:
  • Skobrák Ferenc, President of Duna–Tisza Hungarian Herding Dog Tradition Preservation and Sport Association: Opening speech
  • Boda Mihály, hostel manager:  House rules
  • Gencsi Zoltán, deputy mayor of the village of Hortobágy: Introduction to the steppes of Hortobágy and the excursions sites.
  • Pischoff Ferenc, instructor and international working dog judge: How to train a Hungarian herding dog?
  • Skobrák Ferenc: Presentation on Hungarian herding dogs and a few words about the Tradition Preservation Association

10:30 Visit to the sheep pens of the Hungarian Racka Sheep Breeders Association. Shepherd Kovács Sándor speaks about his life, the shepherds’ profession, about his close relationship with his herding dogs and about the black and white Racka sheep.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Kiss Gábor, 3 times Hungarian herding champion speaks about the theory of herding.
15:00 Németi János and Oláh István, senior professional shepherds bearing the honorary title of Shepherd For Life of Hortobágy, and Bácsi István, breeding manager of the Hungarian Racka sheep Breeders’ Association speak about herding dogs, and the instict and skills expected of them.
17:00 Training course No. 1.

Tuesday, May 21

7:00 Training course No. 2.
AM: Excursion to the “Nine Holes” bridge – the landmark and traditional symbol of the Hungarian steppe, Hortobágy. Visit at the National Park visitor center, shepherd museum, Rotunda (farm hall) and the Bird Park.
Lunch at Máta, where a traditional local speciality - Slambuc - will be cooked in a kattle by Nagy K. József, master potter and world champion Slambuc cook.
PM: Visit at one of the most famous Hungarian studs, in the village of Máta. Handcrafting with clay. Parade of stud horses, wranglers’ show.
17:00 Training course No. 3.

Wednesday, May 22

7:00 Training course No. 4.
AM: Excursion to the southern plains - "puszta" (part of the National Park) and see native wild animals (aurochs, wild horses, wolves) in the park. Visit at the Animal Park where you can get acquainted with indigenous domestic animals.
13:00 Lunch at hostel
PM: Lectures about Hortobágy and herding:
  • Molnár Zsolt, botanist: Hortobágy through the sheperd's eyes.
  • Gencsi Zoltán, deputy mayor of the village of Hortobágy: History of livestock driving routes in Europe and the Hungarian Grey Cattle.
  • Films about the Hortobágy shepherds. What are the tasks of horse wranglers, cattlemen, shepherds and swineherds?

17:00 Training course No. 5.

Thursday, May 23

7:00 Training course No. 6.
AM: Excursion to the fish ponds. Fishery show. Visit the Hortobágy Tavern and Tavern Museum and learn about its history.
Lunch at the famous Hortobágy Tavern (Csárda)
PM: See the northern plains - "puszta" (part of the National Park), the habitat of the indigenous and more recently introduced animals. Kapócsi István, deputy manager of the Hortobágy National Park speaks about the specific botany and geography of the steppes and the effects of erosion by wind and water.
17:00 Training course No. 7.

Friday, May 24

7:00 Training course No. 8.
AM: Cruising on the Hortobágy River by power boat. Free time, shopping, etc.
13:00 Lunch at hostelry
PM: Free time. For those interested, assistance with dog grooming by Mrs. Balog Tünde, dog grooming specialist. Ring handling.
17:00 Last training course No. 9.

Saturday, May 25, Main programme

7:00 Breakfast
9:00 Marketplace at the Nine Holes bridge:
  • Puli, Pumi, Mudi, Komondor CAC Club show, Kuvasz CAC. (Click on the breed for registration!)
  • Herding Instinct Test, FCI certificate.
  • Interbreed Herding Working Test, FCI certificate, the test is also a herding trial. It is possible to enter only the herding tial, without the working test.
  • Character/Temperament Test


Evening program: Shepherd's ball with traditional zither music, dance and song instruction!

For our guests joining us on May 25, please give your orders for lunch, dinner and accomodations in advance at:     

Sunday, May 26

7:00 Breakfast
9:00 Marketplace at the Nine Holes bridge:
  • Puli, Pumi, Mudi, Komondor CAC Club show. (Click on the breed for registration!)

For our guests joining us on 26th May, please give your order for  lunch in advance at:     


Important information and prices:

  • The programs above will be organized and run by the „Duna-Tisza Hungarian Herding Dog Tradition Preservation And Sport Association” and „Ökotúra Hostelry and Camping”.
  • The right to change the program is reserved.
  • Payment: Bank transfer, cash or credit card in EUR or in HUF.
  • Prices: In Hostel EUR 850/person + EUR 30/dog in the room.
  • In camping or RV: EUR 710/person.
  • If a double room is used as single room there is a surcharge of EUR 168/person (EUR 850.- +EUR 168.- for all week).
  • The price includes taxes.
  • The price covers the programs and services listed, as offered by the organizers. (Accommodations for 7 nights from May 19 to 26, transportation to the programs, trainers’ fees, flock rental, entry fees, 3 meals /day.)
  • Deposit of EUR 240/person is required. You are kindly requested to transfer the deposit in advance.
  • Entry fees for the tests and CAC show are not included in the price as these entries are up to the participant.

Important dates and deadlines:
  • 23. Dec. 2012.             Registration for camp  (DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM)
  • 06. Jan. 2013.             Confirmation of registration
  • 20. Jan. 2013.             Deadline for deposit transfer
  • 21. Apr. 2013.             Registration deadline for CAC Club shows
  • 19-26 May. 2013.        Camp and Closing ceremony

Maximum number of participants in the camp is 30 persons for effective training. Upon confirmation of the registration we kindly ask our applicants to transfer the deposit of EUR 240/person by 20. Jan. 2013. This amount will be deducted from the total price at the arrival of the participant in the camp.

We request of our foreign guests to transfer participation fees to the following bank account:

IBAN: HU73 1177 3384 0083 9318 0000 0000

We request of our local guests to transfer participation fees to the following bank acount:

OTP  Balmazújvárosi Fiók 11773384-00839318

For further information:

Skobrák Ferenc +36 20 3344691    e-mail:

Keve Gábor, + 36 30 3495 496   e-mail :

We advise our guests who wish to participate in the shows only, to make reservations for accomodations and meals with the hostel manager, Boda Mihály, +36/30/2069770 e-mail:

All who take interest in the Hungarian herding traditions and Hungarian folklore, and friends of Hungarian herding dogs, are welcome to attend this first of its kind event at Hortobágy, on the Hungarian steppes (puszta)!

Duna-Tisza Egyesület & Ökotúra Vendégház


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