Our association will organize an interbreed work exam in traditional style on 25th of may 2013 at 09:00 am. The work exam will be a shepherding competition at the same time.We will organize also a herd instinct test at the same place.
Place of above programs will be on market place of Hortobágy at the Nine arch bridge.
FCI certificate will be issued if the dog pass the work exam and/or the herd instinct test.
Term of entries for the tests and for competition is : 20st of april 2013.
Entries for the tests and competition will be confirmed in written. Do not hesitate and send your entering as the partipiation rate is limited.

You can send your entry to: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGJ1RnV4Yi1obFE5b043TmtzSXEwdkE6MQ
Entry fee Member of HKC Not member of HKC
for work exam 6.000.- HUF 12.000.- HUF
only shepherding competition 3.000.- HUF 3.000.- HUF
for shepherding ability test 3.000.- HUF 3.000.- HUF

The rules of the test can found at: http://www.fci.be/uploaded_files/HWT-Traditional%20Style_EN.pdf

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